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Lectures Series

Image, Histoire, Poème


Publishing Date 2020.07
Serial Number 9787208163348
Publication House Beijing Century Wenjing Culture and Media Co., Ltd.
Page Number 166
Language Chinese, French

The famous philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman presents his interpretation of the classical film Battleship Potemkin, discussing how the visual structure of the images draws a consecutive historical picture, and how it is rendered through a poetic construction. In addition to the investigation of its techniques and methods, Huberman also refers to its director, Eisenstein’s personal experience and educational background, the historical and social context which nourished the film’s presentation as well as its connection with images of other works of art. By doing so, Huberman endeavors to unpack the reasons why “Classic is classic”, that is, how black-and-white ­silent film not only transcends the limits of space and time but also expresses intense and profound emotions. Moreover, he reinterprets the meaning of “sorrow” and “sensibility”, both ideas of which have been abandoned by the intellectual field or consumed commercially in a simplified way­.