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Publishing Date 2021.08
Serial Number 9787512212862
Publication House China Nationality Culture Press Co., Ltd.
Page Number 323
Language Chinese, English

This book is the exhibition catalogue of “Metapictures” curated by the 2018 Annual Lecturer W. J. T. Mitchell at the OCAT Institute. As the author puts it, “‘Metapictures’ is an exhibition that shows the way visual images reflect on themselves, and on the very process of seeing itself. It is divided into multiple ‘clouds’ of images and texts that have been critical to the understanding of pictorial representation in philosophy, art history, and media theory. Reflecting on the role of images from Plato to Deleuze, on media from Aristotle to McLuhan, on exhibition practices from Warburg to Malraux, ‘Metapictures’ might be seen as a game that leads the spectator into a labyrinth of concepts from numerous fields of knowledge that have attempted to understand the role of images in human affairs.” The book also contains selected essays on picture theory by W. J. T. Mitchell.