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World 3: Art History and Museum


Publishing Date 2021.06
Serial Number 9787208168817
Publication House Beijing Century Wenjing Culture and Media Co., Ltd.
Page Number 426
Language Chinese, English

Initiated and edited by the OCAT Institute, World 3 is an academic series featuring thematic research on art history and theory. Its fourth volume of World 3 is based on the theme of “Art History and Museum”. Taking “Art History” and “Museum” as two continuously intertwined and interactive theoretical frameworks, it discusses in depth the complexity and multiplicity of the relationship in between, as well as exploring other related research trends at present. Given the mechanism constituted by four interrelated aspects which form cause and effect reciprocally–collection (objectification), exhibition (publicization), museum (institutionalization), and art history (academization)– this book also reflects the long and complex progress this mechanism presents in the global history.